New Store at “Island of Zen”

Provided by my generous and happy customer I just got my very own Store on the “Island of Zen” Sim, home of Zen Creations.

Here is your Taxi!

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Full Perm – Wall Lamp

Wall Lamp - full perm

Something different. For all those that look for that little extra to their Furniture Set. This simple but elegant Lamp will give any room that final touch and Light it up.

Now available on Marketplace and your LaZe store…


[LaZe] – Showroom

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Have an Egg

It’s not long from now that you will find the easter bunnys presents all around SL. Jewels Isle presents no exception. We are happy to tell you, we will have a little something for you also…

Easter Egg Seat

But that’s not all. We will have a new item as a 50% Promo offer for the time of the event. So come and get it at the upcomming Easter event at Jewels Isle

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Mall. 😉

More Bubbles…

Looking at the bubbles in the first release I decided I can add some more…

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Coming soon – A nice seat at the beach

The model being done it is really mostly a matter of adding some great textures and of course scripting it to give you another great place to enjoy Second Life.

A little preview of what is to come:

Basket preview

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Get Xcited… The new Xcite! compatible Hot Tub!

Great news everyone, [LaZe] is now an official Partner of Xcite! Which means YOU get to enjoy our products even more.

Hot Tub - XXX - Xcite

Now available on Marketplace and your LaZe store…


[LaZe] – Showroom

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Sample it…

Sample it


Would you like to know a little more about our products features?

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SL fashion finds by Serenity Couerblanc

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